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Jobs Without A High School Diploma

Department: Customer Service/Delivery, Processing and Distribution

The US Postal Service offers entry level jobs that pay, on average, $21 an hour to start. And if you are 18 or older, you don’t even need a high school diploma.

Your pay can become much higher, of course. The average postal worker makes just over $72,000 a year with benefits.

Where else can you find a job that pays so well and offers so much, that does not require a college degree, much less a high school diploma?

The USPS is an equal opportunity employer, and rather than rely on education levels to help them make hiring decisions, they instead utilize a hiring process that includes a basic exam.

The US Postal Service hires about 40,000 new employees each and every year. Lately, hiring activity is a record pace, as older, very highly paid workers are being offered early retirement, to make room for entry level employees.

This helps the postal service save money, and allows for the hiring of even more new postal employees than usual.

Typically, for any job posting, the candidates with the three highest scores on the exam are invited to the interview, where one is hired. In most cases, a score in the 90’s on the exam assures the candidate of an interview.

So if you want to work for the US Postal Service, you need to score in the 90’s on the exam. It is given at a local independent testing facility.

Until recently, there was no good way to prepare for the exam, and live assistance for the postal hiring process was not available. Now, when you register for the Postal Job Placement Program, you get live agent support and assistance with each step in the hiring process, especially the exam.

You will be allowed to take simulated practice exams on your own computer, before you take the official postal exam. Anyone can learn to score in the 90’s on the exam, regardless of past performance on tests, or education level.

The US Postal Service is a great place for anyone to work, especially those who do not have their high school diploma.

The U.S. Postal Service is now hiring.

  • Over 1,000 entry level job openings nationwide.
  • Starting pay is $21 an hour, on average, with benefits.
  • With benefits, the average postal worker makes just over $72,000 a year.
  • No experience is necessary, and if you are 18 or older you don’t even need a high school diploma.
  • Need to be a U.S Citizen or have a green card.
  • Employees receive full federal benefits, paid training, paid vacation and retirement.

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