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How to get hired by the U.S Postal Service
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The brief video explains how to get placed with the USPS as quickly as possible. After you watch it, click REGISTER to the right to continue.

The US Postal Service is an equal opportunity employer.

On average, 40,000 new employees are hired, each year, to backfill for general turnover, and retirements.

Hiring activity has increased recently, as the USPS is striving to save money, by offering early retirement to tens of thousands of older very highly paid postal workers, and replacing them with new entry level employees.

After You Register, There Are Four Steps in the Postal Hiring Process

First, you search online for job openings in your area.

Second, you complete an online job application.

Third, you take an exam at a nearby testing facility.

Fourth, you have an interview.

Those who perform the best in the hiring process, are the ones who are hired:

  • In the first two steps, it’s critical that you read and follow directions very carefully, in order to move forward.
  • The third step is the exam, and it’s the most important.
  • In most cases, the three highest scorers on the exam are invited to the interview, and one is hired.

By taking advantage of the assistance made available to you, anyone can position themselves to get hired.

Make your move in the right direction and click the REGISTER button to get started.


After you watch the video, click Register to get started.

Success Story

Success Story