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Rural Carrier Associates

Department: Customer Service/Delivery

Rural Carrier Associates have a starting wage that ranges from $21 to $27 per hour depending on location. Click "Pay Tables" for more details.

Rural Carrier Associates, or RCA’s cover and backfill for Rural Carriers, which is a career position into which RCA’s can be easily promoted.

RCA’s are assigned a particular geographical area in which they deliver incoming mail and pick up outgoing mail on foot and/or in a motor vehicle.

RCA’s work in rural and suburban areas whereas City Carriers work in more metropolitan areas.

This position is attractive to many people because there is little supervision, almost like working for yourself.

Another benefit of being a Rural Carrier Associate is that your position can be part time or full time.

Delivering mail on time to the correct customers is the main job of a rural carrier associate.

Organizational abilities are needed for a rural carrier associate to deliver mail to all the customers on his/her route in a timely manner.

They are expected to manage time wisely and map out routes to avoid retracing delivery paths.

Good oral communication skills are required to interact with customers and answer their questions.

Keeping detailed records of attempted and missed deliveries is required.

Obtaining signatures for certified, registered and delivery confirmations is a job requirement.

The ability to decipher addresses and the names of addressees from frequently illegible writings on envelopes and address labels is required.

Electronic device skills are needed to obtain signatures from customers on handheld computerized equipment used by the USPS.

Rural Carrier Associates responsibilities include:

  • Sorting mail in delivery sequence for the assigned route,
  • Receives and signs for accountable mail,
  • Loads mail in vehicle,
  • Delivers mail to customers along a prescribed route and on a regular schedule by a vehicle;
  • Collects monies and receipts for accountable mail;
  • Picks up mail from customers' roadside boxes,
  • Sells stamps, stamped paper and money orders;
  • Accepts C.O.D., registered, certified, and insured mail and parcel post;
  • Furnishes routine information concerning postal matters and provides requested forms to customer,
  • Returns mail collected, undeliverable mail, and submits monies and receipts to post office,
  • Prepares mail for forwarding and maintains records of change of address information,
  • Prepares a daily trip report and maintains a list of the customers on the route,
  • Conducts special surveys when required,
  • Maintains an inventory of stamps and stamped paper as needed to provide service to customers on the route,
  • Provides for mail security at all times.

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