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 Using the Postal Job Placement Program was very easy, very helpful. I got the job with the Post Office. Thank you so much! 

Tina B.

 I work for the US Postal Service and I really believe that I wouldn't have been able to work there had I not studied for the exam with your program first. If I wouldn't have studied I wouldn't have passed the test. So I feel that it really helped me to become a better person and get the job that I'm at now. 

Jennifer Y.

 I just wanted to thank you for your assistance. The resources helped me so much to achieve my goal in getting a job with the postal service. I would recommend anyone interested in taking the exam to order the program. It is well worth the money. Plus you even get your money back if you don’t score in the 90’s, which makes this a no brainer. Thanks again! 

Cesily B.

 I would like to express my sincere appreciation for providing your assistance. The study advice was very helpful and clear, and the practice exam simulator was such a key factor to my success in getting hired. I would strongly recommend this program for anyone interested in working at USPS. 

Mona M.

 The resources you provided were great. They outline different study methods and techniques to help you retain the information. Without this, I would not have scored such a high score and may not have been chosen for the position. 

Keana R.

 I found the study material very helpful. The practice exam simulator helped to prepare me for the actual postal exam. I knew what to expect and how long I would have for each section. You taught me how to remember names and numbers. I know I would not have scored well without it. I highly recommend these materials for anyone wanting to make sure they get hired. 

Joan C.

 I took the postal exam three years ago and made a 76. I never got invited to an interview. I recently found out about you and your resources. It really helped. Using the exam simulator several times brought my grade up almost 15%, which got me first out of the other people interviewed for the job. Also out of the two hired I got seniority over the other girl. So a million thanks. 

Gerrie R.

 I had always been interested in working for the USPS, but never thought I would have an opportunity. One night after a frustrating day at work, I decided to check out your website. I purchased the program...I was very excited. However, I was also nervous about taking the exam. I am not a good "exam–taker". The USPS does send a small booklet stating what will be on the test, yet I still felt I needed more preparation. The exam simulator was huge for me. Thanks. I felt so confident. When the day finally came, and I got my first glance at the real exam, I knew I was going to be fine. Your resources prepared me for everything that was on the test!!! I ended up getting a high score, and three months later; I am working for the USPS. Without your help, I don't think I would have done it. Thanks again! 

Robert B.
New York

 At the age of 45, I yearned to get out of food service. The time and money to go back to school was not available, especially with all of my responsibilities as a mother. While looking into your program, I didn't hold much hope. To be honest, I thought it was a scam. Was I wrong! The materials gave me the information I needed to apply for an RCA job online. Not too long after, I received notification of the testing date. Knowing that this might actually lead to a job with the USPS, I read through the program and practiced all of the sample tests. Knowing exactly what to expect from the test made it much easier. Soon after, I was delighted to learn that I passed and was contacted and hired. Now I am making twice as much money as I did at my last job. Not a day goes by that I do not give thanks for my new career. Honestly, I do not believe I would have been able to achieve it without your help. Thank you! 

Gail R.

 This program greatly increased my ability and confidence in taking the postal exam. The resources provided a great deal of information on test material, scoring, and also provided strategies to use within each testing section. While it is possible to pass the test with the material provided by the USPS, the material in this handbook significantly increases your chances of getting an excellent score and getting hired by the USPS. 

Jobie E.

 The materials were great. They were complete with many examples and helpful study tips. It also had some very helpful techniques on how to memorize things. That was the most difficult part. I wouldn't have even known that if I didn't go through the program. It definitely helped me get a good score. I wouldn't have passed it if it weren't for this program. I failed the practice test miserably the first time. But the handbook gave some great suggestions and after studying and practicing I was able to perform well. I got a 97% on the real exam! If someone wanted to work for USPS, I would definitely recommend this program. Thank you so much. 

John J.

 This letter is to inform you of how useful the study materials I received from you were. I was hired as a City Letter Carrier by the U.S. Postal Service and prior to that, I was studying the book I received. I am utilizing the skills taught in those books on a daily basis as I am constantly looking for miss–sorted mail that came from the DPS machine and needs to go back to be re–routed for delivery. As a temporary employee, I am assigned to different routes almost every day. I have to case these routes before I deliver them, and the part of the book that teaches different memorization techniques really helps with that, as I have to case these mails in a timely fashion. The section about knowing what forms to fill out and how to fill them out helped significantly as I am filling these forms out as I am delivering the pieces of mail. I am schedule to take the Postal Exam for a Career Position and I feel confident that after studying the course materials provided by your company as well as utilizing the skills those books every day, I will do well on this exam as well and get a career position as a City Letter Carrier. 

Nicolas L.
North Carolina

 I would like to give you my testimony on the resources that I purchased. I studied them for about 5 days and took the practice exams. They were exactly the same as they are on the actual test. I felt really confident after the test was over and I got a 90.5% on my first try and one week later I was taking an interview. There is no way I could have been as prepared as I was if it was not because of your program. Thank you so much. 

Maurice P.

 My experience working with your materials was helpful. There were, I believe, four parts to the exam I took. And all four parts were in the material. So it did help prepare you for exactly what the test was going to have on it. I do think the guide helped get a higher score. It helped you with accuracy and speed. The test is timed, and it helped that I already had a heads–up on what was going to be on it, and was able to have practiced with your simulator before taking the test. I would recommend the material to family and friends. 

Belinda A.

 I found the company when I was researching online. I got my resources and it really helped because it explained everything that was on the test. When I went in to take the tests I was already prepared for it. I passed the test the first time I took it. Two months later I got a phone call from the USPS stating they wanted me to come in for an interview. I interviewed and got the job and I love it! This was a great experience. If it wasn't for this program I would have never got the job. 

Regina T.

 I studied the resources and it helped a lot with the memorization part. You have to remember names and numbers. I took the test and it came back that I passed the test, and I went from there. The Post Office hired me.  

Chris J.

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